OnCore Golf Balls

OnCore Golf is a relatively newcomer to the golf ball market. OnCore started their journey of penetrating the golf ball market in November 2011 when Bret Blakely & Steve Coulton co-founded a golf ball company based on a hollow metal core. But, in order to introduce this to the market, OnCore would need to secure their necessary patents AND challenge the United States Golf Association (USGA) on non-conforming golf ball construction. When OnCore came out victorious, it was only the second time in the last century that a golf ball manufacturer was able to help change the rules on ball non-conformance.

In January 2014, OnCore introduced the ONLY USGA conforming hollow-metal-core golf ball, the MA-1.0. Eighteen months later, OnCore followed up the MA-1.0 with their second conforming golf ball, the Caliber. OnCore continued to add to their line-up with the Avant 55 using their Soft Cell Technology and the Elixr. The OnCore Elixr was their first tour ball and gained an endorsement from "Mr. 59" Al Geiberger.

Perhaps the defining moment for OnCore came in April 2019 at the 83rd Master's Tournament (yes...that Masters!) when Gary Player used the Elixr during the tournament. Shortly thereafter, Gary Players became an ambassador (and ultimately an investor) for OnCore Golf.

To stay relevant in the tour caliber golf ball market, OnCore continued their pursuit as they introduced the Vero X1 in 2020. This tour ball features a 4-piece construction and delivers a combination of distance, accuracy, control, and feel.

As OnCore continues to grow, they have been able to sign ambassadors like Buffalo Bills quarterback, Jared Allen. They also partnered with Dallas Cowboys running back, Ezekiel Elliott (as an Eagles fan, that last part was difficult to type).

I recently played the OnCore Elixr and was extremely impressed with it's straight flight path. It performed around the green and was fantastic while putting. However, it was a little harder than I would like my normal golf ball. But I would take straight flight, and added distance, over the softness of another golf ball.

Head over to our OnCore page to see where to get your next dozen.

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